Glock Trigger Modifications?

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Glock Trigger Modifications?

Postby tapehoser » Wed 01 Feb 2017 10:46 am

I have found that I shoot MUCH more accurately with a 1911 trigger. You know, something like this:

1911 Trigger.jpg
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The standard pistol triggers that come on just about every brand of "basic" pistol just doesn't cut it for me.

Question: Can I modify a Glock to have a 1911-type trigger?
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Re: Glock Trigger Modifications?

Postby Snurd » Wed 01 Feb 2017 11:06 am

Not really. The 1911 trigger goes straight back, and the Glock trigger comes out of the housing from the top. Probably the closest thing you could get is a flat faced trigger. I'm not sure if you can just get the pad, which is really only what you need, or if you have to buy the entire kit. Probably looking at around $150 for the kit. Here is one such trigger: ... 81913.aspx

Another thing you can do is slowly grind down the trigger safety until it fits flush with the trigger pad when it is pulled all the way. You may want a gunsmith to do it. I did it on mine and it's WAY more comfortable. Or you could just get an aluminum that trigger pad since most of them do that anyway.

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Re: Glock Trigger Modifications?

Postby Volsung » Fri 14 Apr 2017 10:54 pm

The mechanics of Glock triggers and 1911 triggers are substantially different. You'll never get a Glock trigger to feel like a 1911. You can certainly improve the Glock trigger or replace the stock trigger with an after market trigger. I've done trigger jobs on a lot of stock triggers to improve the feel and break. You'd need an after market trigger if you want to reduce pre-travel and over-travel, like the ZEV Tech Fulcrum or other similar trigger.
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