Spitfire PA-944

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Spitfire PA-944

Postby UtahJarhead » Wed 29 May 2013 5:22 am


Submitted without comment! Happy (late) Memorial Day
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Re: Spitfire PA-944

Postby Daeyel » Wed 29 May 2013 7:02 am

My grandfather was AAC (Pacific) as a mechanic. Those pilots were something else, flying when airplanes were still very much for daredevils. Wonderful story! The reaction of Blyth was priceless!
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Re: Spitfire PA-944

Postby bltdonahue » Wed 29 May 2013 9:53 pm

UtahJarhead wrote:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie3SrjLlcUY

Submitted without comment! Happy (late) Memorial Day

Thank you, brother.

I'll copy the comment I posted elsewhere when sharing this video:

"Perhaps it would have been better timed over the weekend, but all the same, this is a great video. I'll admit, I found the narrator's voice a bit annoying. I guess that means I'm becoming a grumpy old man myself.

I know some aviation enthusiasts that might enjoy this. I can't imagine anything stranger and lonelier than traveling half a world away to fly a foreign reconnaissance aircraft, solo, DEEP into enemy territory. Repeatedly. For years.

Also, it's interesting to notice the difference in our grandparents going to war, vs. us going to war. I don't have many pictures, and no video, from my deployment in 2001-2002, but just a few years later, digital photography and video really took off. That said, simple wet film 75 years ago was used pretty extensively."
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