Idiots pulled a gun on me today. didn't react how I expected

Please post your real life stories where carrying for self-defense has made a difference.

Re: Idiots pulled a gun on me today. didn't react how I expected

Postby BrassChucker » Fri 01 Mar 2013 11:27 am

YoZUpZ wrote:...I just smiled and flipped him off with my left hand...


-I flipped them off. Yeah, obviously not very smart, but it was just how I reacted without even thinking. I was pissed that they almost caused me to get in a wreck multiple times, that they were acting like ___, and that they had a gun pointed at me... But at the same time, I thought it humorous how insanely idiotically they reacted to having someone honk at them (when they were in the wrong, and I was simply trying to prevent an accident).

Flipping the bird is quick reaction that comes from habit. A Habit that I had when I was a younger man too. I broke that habit, I never flip anyone off anymore, not even my friends (for them I use my words and they use them back). I try not to express myself in anyway while driving. If you have a problem later you can honestly say, "Officer, I didn't honk, wave, or even so much as mouth words to that person. I was just trying to get out of their way."

For the next time, if there ever is one, try developing "a look" that says, I've got it all under control, I'm memorizing your face, your clothing, approximating your height, and in 5 more seconds I'll be memorizing your plate. React like you would if you were an off duty cop. That will speak much more loudly than your finger.

This story happened about 10 years ago:
A friend was coming from the airport going to Brigham City late at night. He was trying to merge onto I-15 from I-215 when a woman in a jeep actively blocked his attempt to merge. He said he had to slam his brakes and to get behind her and then he passed her quickly on her left and "claims" he threw her an open handed gesture to connote "exasperation". I think he was lying, I think he flipped her "the bird", we were in a semi religious setting and admitting it would have been uncomfortable for him, he's very religious. No big deal right? 20 minutes later he sees a vehicle following him with the hazards on. He doesn't know what's up but soon is pulled over by a Clearfield city cop, on the freeway. Another city cop also arrived, but I forget from where. She had called 911 and claimed he was chasing her on the freeway trying to run her off the road. She put up some kind of charade on 911 and my friend was grilled very aggressively by the police for over 30 minutes. They let him go eventually, the cop told him something like, "I have to let you go, but I know you're a <expletive> liar!" He was pretty traumatized by the whole event. I can only assume the woman was feeling pretty proud of herself. All this because he felt the need to express himself while driving. You never really know who you are flipping off, that person might be completely insane.
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Re: Idiots pulled a gun on me today. didn't react how I expected

Postby divegeek » Fri 01 Mar 2013 11:49 am

My take:

-1 for trying to pass them (yeah, I do the same kind of stuff, and kick myself for it after. It's just not worth the risk of escalation; better to get home 30 seconds later).

-1 for the birdie (that, I'm glad to say, I don't do).

-1 for not calling the cops.

+1 for not following them to get their license plate so you could call the cops -- too much risk of escalation.

+1 for the automatic draw reaction.

+1 for not showing them your gun (much less shooting).

+10 for sharing, warts and all.
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Re: Idiots pulled a gun on me today. didn't react how I expected

Postby manithree » Fri 01 Mar 2013 1:07 pm

brianb1998 wrote:2. Even if the story is false what is the harm? It is still helpful reading the honest responses about what should be done in this situation.

If it was posted as a hypothetical, then, no problem. If posted as a true story, and it's not, that's a problem. If you really think the end justifies the means, then join the Dan Rathers and Piers Morgans of the world who believe fabricating evidence ok as long as your cause is just. I cringe when pro-gun people use bogus quotes from the founding fathers. Let the other side lie and cheat. If the truth is on your side, you don't need anything else.

I'm not saying this particular story is bogus. But if it was, it shouldn't be posted as a true, actual experience which you seem to be ok with.
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