Get Some Guns & Ammo

Please post your real life stories where carrying for self-defense has made a difference.

Get Some Guns & Ammo

Postby Pistol Pete » Wed 14 Apr 2010 8:57 pm

So, I am pulling into the Parking lot with 2 NRA Basic Pistol students in my car, and I see a patrol car with his lights on. I think he got someone crossing the double yellow lines?

Then I see a plains clothes cop with those white cover things over his shoes. :shocked:

4 other cop cars there, then one cop coming out the side range door. OH no what happened here? :dunno: They let us in to see some guns, but the range was closed for the night. Nothing in the news yet, but I found out what happen but rather not say until it comes out in the news.

I am glad we did not come earlier in the day and was there went it went down.

Please post a link if you find one.
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Re: Get Some Guns & Ammo

Postby LadyIsadora » Wed 14 Apr 2010 9:05 pm

missed it by a tich:
Because the alternative is unthinkable.
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