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SLC-Vegan said:
I shoot a .45 Colt, but even with this large (and slow) round, hollowpoints won't penetrate a wall. 410bore #7 shot definitely won't kill a neighbor, nor will 000 buckshot.
I will have to disagree with you about hollow points not penetrating a wall.

Hollow points are designed to expand--just like typical loads are designed to go bang. Yet some hollow points fail to expand completely or at all the same way some loads don't go bang. I personally have recovered bullets (.40 S&W and .45 ACP, neither .45 Colt but close enough,) that did NOT expand upon impact and specifically on sheet rock (I believe they were normal Winchester WB HP and my buddy's HST's.)

The edges of hollow points are typically fairly sharp/pointy and the bullet by nature spins, creating a certain amount of drilling action without significant compression to the projectile. Therefore, if the channel of the hollow point fills with material before significant compression is applied to the bullet, it may not expand; see: wallboard, layers of fabric, and denim jackets--(not many people wear denim jackets, but I'm certainly discussing the minority of load issues as well....)

I concur in the fact that placement of rounds and available ammunition is most likely key to stopping a threat. Yet I carry a Sig .45 ACP, I believe I practice enough to be able to place them.
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