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115 gr. or 147 gr?

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My gun is a 9mm and I'm trying to decide which ammo to carry for self defense. I've been shooting 115 gr. target rounds down at the range and yesterday I found some 115 gr. jacketed hollow points. Does anyone know if that has enough stopping power for self defense? Or should I buy the 147 gr. rounds? Thanks in advance.

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Either will work just fine, but I always like bigger
How many times will you ever say:
"Dang, I have too much ammo"
"I wish my bullets would do less damage"
"If only my gun was less accurate"
I am of the mindset that more is better. Gang problems seem to be common place even here in Utah. If I have a group of 8 people wanting to do me harm then 8 rounds seems a little lacking, even if they were .50 cal mag rounds. Until they figure how to pack .338mag rifle rounds into a handgun I like the idea of having some volume and not counting on a 1-2 shot stop.
One of these days I will be able to afford to equip myself like Neo in the first matrix movie… sigh
Tarzan1888 said:
swillden said:
LandoCommando said:
Federal Hydrashox. Best personal defense ammo on the market. Enough said.
What makes it the best?
Excellent question.

In reality the "Best personal defense ammo" is the one that always goes BANG in your gun and that you can deliver reliably on target.

If there is more than one type of ammo that meets those qualifications, then it is like debating which poison is more lethal....arsnic or cyanide....

If you're happy with your personal defense ammo....then I'm happy with your personal defense ammo.

Every caliber and every scenario is different.

Are you planning on getting attacked by 5 well trained assassins? 1 tweaker looking for their next fix? A handful of gang members?

Are you going to carry openly in a duty holster? Ankle carry? Pocket carry? Etc?

Can you shoot .22? .38? 9mm? 45? And hit what you intend? What about under stress?

Whats better: being able to spell your name out in .22 bullets on the bad guy’s forehead OR hoping to hit center mass with a .45 or 10mm?

Are you taking a well placed shot to end a mall shooting at 50 yards OR a shot with your muzzle in the guys belly?

If there was a single best choice then we would all carry _________ with ________ ammo. But as it stands you ask 5 guys and you get 5 different answers.

I tend to carry commonly accepted guns/ammo (usually what the police use) to avoid the chance of a lawsuit over my weapon/ammo choice
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