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1911 IWB Holster

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Anybody have any suggestions on a IWB holster for a 5" Kimber 1911?
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I like this one:

Very minimalist in design, but still covers the trigger guard. Can be worn IWB or OWB.

I don't have much positive to say about SportsmansGuide though, if you found one like this locally I would buy it there.

I have a custom made holster that does the job and have been thinking about picking one of these up:
http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ ... mc_ID=4012
I have a Nick Mathews #1 IWB holster. It is comfortable, well made and only cost $40.00. Nicks web site is http://www.nm-holster.com. Here is a picture of it.
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I forget he is highly recommended on m1911.org.

i like the one i have from these guys
Thanks for everyones info, I appreciate it.
jschiffman said:
Thanks for everyones info, I appreciate it.
:type: I guess I should say thanks too since I tagged along on this post.. Great Suggestions !!
Let us know what you try out and how it works for you - well, both of you...

Of the IWB's I have tried. The Versa-Max II, by Milt sparks is my favorite. It spreads the weight of the weapon out across the belt line.

A quality product from some nice people in Idaho. www.miltsparks.com

In my opinion, a good belt is a must for IWB carry, and goes hand in hand with the holster you choose. A good belt holds the gun tight and secure to your side with no wobble. This was my rig "new" from Milt Sparks:

The belts are a little stiff for a couple days, but very comfortable once broken in.

Good luck~
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moyler said:
An Ed Brown Kobra Carry!! Must . stop . drooling....... :drool:
I use the Crossbreed Supertuck for my 5" Kimber. I like it for it is very thin and is very adjustable. I paid about 65.00 for it. It spreads the weight and is stable like the other holsters shown. You can read more about Crossbreed on other threads posted here.
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