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2005 Legislative Season: SB175 and others

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Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Lehi, is introducing SB175, titled "Weapons Amendments".

This bill is to allow car-carry of loaded firearms even without a permit. I view this as an excellent idea. This is one to watch, and especially to support by writing and phoning our legislators.

Many states already allow the carry of loaded weapons in vehicles, as an extension of the castle-doctrine. Why Utah doesn't, when Utah is generally pro-gun, is a mystery to me. I'm quite excited about this bill!

EDIT: Not much is online yet at the link for the bill, but I'm going to keep checking.
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We are one the few gun-friendly states that require you to lock the gun in the trunk (unloaded) if you don't have a carry permit. Out of state travelers and just plain folks can get caught breaking the law too easily.

I had to inform a friend that he was illegal when he would take his Glock with him in his truck as he went to his office late at night. He had no idea he couldn't have a loaded sidearm with him without a CFP. I have no idea if he ever got a CFP... Never asked again.

Other states have this allowed by law and they don't have problems. We won't allow it here and a few years ago there were those dimwits shooting at each other from theirs cars, the law didn't help anything. This law as we have it now is worthless (at best).
...and at first I thought it was a great idea. But after some reflection, I'd like to see just what the bill says before I'd want it passed.

The thing I'm concerned about is whether hunters would use it as an excuse to have a chambered shell in their rifles. If a person has a CFP, I believe it's legal to carry a fully loaded handgun while they're hunting. They can't use it to dispatch a wounded animal (unless it meets the foot-pounds standard for taking the game), but just to carry in vehicle or out, is legal, and I surely don't have a problem with that.

However, most firearms accidents while hunting (I'm quoting DWR records) arise because of a fully loaded rifle in a vehicle. We can't legally hunt from a vehicle (with some very narrow exceptions), so why carry our hunting gun with one in the pipe?

Like I said, I'd like to see just what the bill says.
I've been checking the link that I provided above, but the text of the bill is still not available.
There's a great summary on packing.org by our own W. Clark Aposhian of the current pro-gun bills before the Legislature. Take a moment to read it. I hope that they all pass.
H.B. 332 is scheduled to be heard before a House Committee Wednesday. This is a good (and badly needed) bill.

Remember the AOL employees in Ogden who were fired for having guns in their cars? This bill would correct that scenario.
SB175 has now been drafted. Click on it to see the text of the bill.
I've changed my mind somewhat about this bill. I hope it passes. My main concern was what I've talked about in my post, above. I still think that carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle while hunting isn't the smartest thing in the world. Be that as it may, the bill is a good idea.

My wife and I took a trip to Texas a couple of years ago, and being able to have gun-friendly peaceable journey laws in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas was a great comfort as we traveled. This bill would accomplish that for Utah. So it won't just benefit Utah residents.
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