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I have the new Ruger LCP 380 and it too kicks like a mule. Much more than my new (yahoo) Kahr CW40. My wife shoots a Ruger SP101, 6 rounds in 32 magnum (I would say it is some where between the 380 and a 38 spec as far as bullet energy) and it has little more recoil than a 22LR. They do have them in the new 327 round that is like a 32 super mag, which will also shoot most all the smaller 32 rounds including the 32 mag. The cons are that the ammo cost more (reload and anything is cheap to shoot) and that the SP101 is heavier. My son's wife bought my Sig P239, 9mm and 27.5 oz. She could out shoot me with it. She loves it, and she is about 105 lbs. She and my wife didn't like shooting the air-weight S&W 38 spec.

PW, good idea for the grip on the P3AT, maybe I'll try that on the LCP.
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