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Jeff Johnson said:
I'm much happier tonight than I was after the 1st debate. I think that President Bush won tonight, hands-down.
/Sarcasm on
What's wrong with you?!! Haven't you listened to the press? It was Kerry by a landslide!:roll: How dare you make such a decision on your own!
/sarcasm off

I didn't watch it tonight. I get a little to worked up anytime this guy with a long face starts talking. I'm afraid that even though I would never pull an "Elvis" and shoot my TV, I'd be really tempted.

I'm glad you give this one to Bush, Even some on the other boards think he "lost" it to (S)kerry and then you get the crying about him being "Weak" on the 2nd... Sheesh.

But I understand Kerry really bit it with his AWB answer... "Get all the LEO's to go to the congressional offices and "Force" them to pass a new one." I guess we can see where THAT one is going... Constitution? Seperation of powers? :roll:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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