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We now have our Advanced Tactics for Concealed Carry course. This course will be shot from the concealed carry position only. Every piece of gear you use should be the same you carry day to day. The range time will cover Close Range Engagements, Multiple Target Engagements, Cover, Shooting from Cover, and with drawl from the engagement. We will also discuss weapon retention, and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) tactics. This course is designed for those that already have a Concealed Firearms Permit, however if you would like to attend the class and do not possess a Concealed Firearms Permit we can arrange for you to receive the necessary training for you to get your Concealed Firearms Permit as part of this course. Cost for this class is $75 with a deposit of $65 required to reserve each student’s slot. Contact us for more info. Class date is June 21 and again on October 25. Contact us through our website.
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