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Advanced training - handgun, open hand, knife...

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Hi everyone.

I've been looking around here and at a couple of websites mentioned here like rangemasters and fbmg and strategic tactical group- have sent off some emails to folks and pinged Clark Aposhian in a thread.

I'm trying to find some training to continue where I left off when I moved, which was this class:

* Review of firearms and tactical safety
* Brief review of Defensive Handgun 1 & 2 skills/technique
* Qualifying under tighter accuracy & time constraints
* One handed shooting
* Advanced kneeling, use of cover, & movement tactics
* Advanced team tactics
* Shooting under impaired vision conditions
* Transition to back-up or secondary handgun
* Handgun retention & disarms (if time allows)
* Mulitple Runs through the Adjudicator (their shoot house, in this case done in teams, live fire)

I've done other classes in addition to this school's curriculum, some IDPA stuff where I was competitive, and various weekly instructional/ fun leagues, night fire, FATS simulators, airsoft force on force stuff.

I'd like to learn some open hand and knife integration, some basic hand to hand technique stuff, and continue handgun skills development as well as brush off a couple months of rust.

ANybody got any ideas?
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Hello there,
I noticed that you didn't have any replies and just wanted to shoot you an invite to join us at the range. I also live in Layton, and I spend a lot of time at the range in ogden. I can provide you with some refreshers on the many of the techniques that you are inquiring about. I would also like to inivite you to join us on Thursdays at the Impact range for out weekly pin shoot. It is a great time, we always have a great bunch of guys that show up, and it is the perfect time to keep you trigger finger lubed up. Let me know if you are intersted, and I will give you the specifics. Take care, B
That sounds great, all of it.

I'm going to shoot you a PM with my contact info right now. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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