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Well I would sure like to see many more people have the opportunity to join in our community. I know what a board like this is capable of because I this is the second one I have done. One of the ways we built OregonConcealedCarry.com was to work together in spreading the word.

We did this in two ways one was word of mouth. Please tell everyone you know that might be interested about the site. The second way was through cards. I created a little ad card that people could print out at home onto either cardstock or the precut business card paper from OfficeMax or any office supply store.

I have now created some of those same cards for UtahConcealedCarry.com. If you can help by printing some of these out and asking businesses in the industry to allow you to leave some on there counter you will be doing a great service to this community. If anyone else has any ideas of how to get more members please let me know.

Click on this link to download cards: http://www.utahconcealedcarry.com/files/UCC_Cards.doc


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The various gun shops and shooting ranges may be ameniable to putting something on their bulletin boards.
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