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Allow me to introduce myself

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My name is John and I have been reading the site for a couple of months. I love it. I own five pistols, three of which I plan to carry (but not all at the same time), an SA XD9SC, a Bersa Thunder 380, a Kel Tec P-32, some off-the-wall brand .22 revolver, and for the time being a 1908(1903) .380 ACP. I was one of the unlucky ones whose CCW took about three months but I finally got it last September. I enjoy shooting but would really like to take a training class on shooting.

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Nice to have you. We have some GREAT instructors affiliated with this forum that are super knowledgable and heavily experienced.

Hope you enjoy your stay in this oftentimed nuthouse. :wink:
good to have you here. :D
Always nice to have fresh blood. :twisted:


Welcome to the forum, John!
Welcome to the Forum, sit back and enjoy the ride.
Welcome to the group. Hope you share often and learn from others. Be safe.
Welcome to our forum, John! Thanks for introducing yourself.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome. 2 months lurking in the back means you have some catching up to do.


This post came from my new blackberry....,now this is going to be fun.
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