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America's Most Wanted Sat Jan 8th

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I have been told that I will be appearing on Fox’s America’s Most Wanted television show will air an interview with me this Saturday January 8th.

 I was interviewed 2 weeks ago here in Salt Lake City regarding a man suspected of killing an armored truck courier in Arizona on November 29th. http://www.azcentral.com/12news/news/articles/1207armoredcar07-CP.html

The suspect, Jason Derek Brown, is being sought by police and the FBI http://www.fbi.gov/mostwant/alert/brown.htmfor allegedly bicycling up to a courier as he walked out of a movie theater with the weekends receipts and shooting him with a .45 Caliber Glock and taking the money bag.

He escaped on the bike which police recovered near the scene. Police were able to match the prints from it to Jason Derek Brown.

 I am linked to this because up until 1 week before the murder Brown’s prints were not on record with AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). I had fingerprinted him along with taking his photograph and scanning his Utah driver’s License as part of the training and application process for a Utah CCW permit. (Concealed Carry Weapon) Brown also purchased the firearm used in the crime from Totally Awesome Guns and Range in Salt Lake City, Utah the store, where I am director of Training. He purchased the firearm on Nov 8th and called me from the store to set up a class to be taught on Nov 10th.

Brown did in fact pass the Brady check when he purchased the firearm, and was in the process of another, more stringent, background check for his CCW when he committed the crime.

 While this is unusual to be certain, the CCW class he took may eventually lead to his capture as law enforcement states that they did not have a current photo of him and certainly would not have been able to link him to the prints on the bike were it not for 10 print card I submitted to Utah BCI as part of the application process.

The FBI and local law enforcement are using the photo I took of him on their website and are distributing it in So Calif, Utah and Arizona.

 In more ways than 1 this crime does not fit the “mold” with the suspect actually buying a handgun from an FFL and then submitting to being fingerprinted just 20 days before committing a crime. The filming for the AMW show did not take an anti gun bent, but of course there will always be commentary afterwards.

Watch AMW this Saturday Jan 8th . They may end up bumping this segment if something of a higher profile occurs between now and then.

W. Clark Aposhian
Chair US-DIN
Utah Self-Defense Instructors’ NetworkÂ
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Let's pray that nothing of a higher profile than cold blooded murder comes up for this episode. And that they catch this little puke quickly before he harms anybody else.
I do hope that they catch and fry the creep (assuming, of course, that he's convicted).

I'll have to try and catch it...
iampacking said:
I missed it-what happened?
Here's an earlier thread on the topic.
Was that actually you in the range scene? Very bad spin on you I think. You really don't come up on people and start telling them what their problems are without some preamble do you? I didn't think so... Probably just AMW's way of moving the story along. And where was the eye protection and ear protection, and lord knows you didn't tell them to demonize corbon. What is AMW's problem? And how in the **** did he go from not being able to hit a man sized target on a controled range to being able to make 5 head shots out of six in a robbery?
I was in Las Vegas atthe Show show and didn't even know It was on.
Anybody tape it?
I meant shot show
I saw the episode… No, the range “scene” wasn’t Clark. The 3 second clip after was. I wasn’t totally paying attention (cleaning the fish tank), but here’s what I recall. “The scene showed Clark Trying to teach said jacka$$ how to shoot (as noted with no hearing/eye protection) and the dirt bag answering in an abrasive tone “I know how to shoot a gun” (paraphrasing of course). The actual clip of you was you saying he was an arrogant *** (paraphrasing again).

The part about AMW demonizing Cor-Bon, yes they did. “The Cor-Bon is so powerful it went right through his neck (2 rounds) and broke 2 windows”. What a surprise. This is the reason I’m not a viewer of AMW, one would think after tragically losing his son he would defend people’s right to protect themselves and their families. Not so, he allows his show to demonize all guns and in turn helps the anti-gun movement.

Jason Derek Brown did not score 5 head shots out of 6. I count 3 of 6 (neck doesn’t count) with a duty sized gun, at approx 5’ that isn’t impressive by any standard. IMO.
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BTW, I don't feel Clark was put in a bad light.
I do think Clark was disrespected in the range scene. It was not explained that Clark had any prior association with the dirtbag, even if it was only to process his paperwork for a CFP. They made it look like Clark walks up to anyone he thinks needs "learning" and starts lecturing them. Now if they had shown Clark as a Range Officer cautioning the dirtbag for using no eye or ear protection while shooting I would have understood the directness of the on screen characters actions. But no, they made him look like a range busy body. But hey it's TV, I just don't like the fact TV and the rest of the media make us all look like crazys or self important ego maniacs with parinoid delusions.
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