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I wouldn't place too much emphasis on what your Chiropractor said, it's crap. Think about all the things you wear all day long: ring, watch, glasses, clothes, belt, shoes. They all stimulate nerves. Eventually the nerve inputs are filtered out by the brain and spinal column (when you forget you are wearing your glasses and search the house frantically), but that is not the same as nerve damage.

If your wife is experiencing pain or numbness, most likely she is cutting off circulation to the nerves or compressing the nerve sheath. If the sheath is compressed for too long you get pain and a reversible disorder, like carpal tunnel - the inflamed sheath may need anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery. If you cut off the blood supply for too long you get numbness (ever woken up in the middle of the night with a dead arm?) which can lead to nerve damage if the nerves are deprived of blood, oxygen and nutrients for too long.

I would seek the advice of a neurologist or orthopedic specialist. I'm not sure I would bring the gun inside the office. I would tell them what's happening, that she would like to continue carrying - perhaps with a different holster or method and then ask them if they would like to see the gun and the way she carries it (you could just leave it in the car and run out to get it) - that way, if they don't want the gun in the office, they don't feel threatened (I know, it's petty, but some people are scared of guns, that's just reality).

I don't have anything against Chiropractors, but I am training to become a physician, so my opinion may be biased. Personally, I have heard too much second-hand garbage about Chiropractic advice that I pay little heed these days. I wish your wife the best and hope she can get this problem sorted out.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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