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I'm a 25 year law enforcement professional, firearms training coordinator for my PD, RKBA supporter, patrol watch commander and an instructor with Erik (TMG) for Threat Management Group.

I enjoy getting outside of the LE "loop" and hearing others' perspectives on training and use-of-force issues. I've been fortunate enough over the years to have trained with the SIGarms Academy, S&W Academy, Dennis Tueller, J. Michael Plaxco, John Farnam, Thunder Ranch, Brian Hoffner and many others.

I'm a SIG certified SIG armorer and moderate the Armorer's Forum over at www.sigforum.com.

Hope this site enjoys much success!

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Yahoo! a sig man. To bad about being a sig armorer. It's sort of like being a matag repairman. Welcome aboard. I was an officer for about 4 years in a small Utah County town, when I was much, much younger. My son is a Federal officer down in Arizona. Always good to have a LEO with us.

Hey Hey... be safe out there.

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