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Another New Guy

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Hey all,

Good to see we have a forum for us with CFPs.
I have had my CFP for a year.
I carry a Glock G-19.
I look forward to getting some great info off this site.

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Good to have you on board. Welcome to the forum.
It's good to have another Glock man with us.
Welcome to the forum.

I have found more infromation here than I ever cared to know and have spent far too much time here :lol: I find the people to be friendly and helpful.
Welcome. Post often and have fun.
Welcome to UCC!
Welcome to our forum! We're glad to have you join us.
Thanks for introducing yourself.

Post often...
Welcome to the Forum. Stick arouns and post often.
Hi welcome to this cool place.
Welcome to the forum. Post often.
Make yourself at home, stick around and post often!
Welcome to the group
Welcome to a forum filled with happy people......except for those few old sore heads.

1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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