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Another Tribune (anti) Opinion...

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Once Again, The Salt Lake Tribune Rants Against Open Carry:

Utah law allows students with concealed-carry permits to pack handguns on state-owned college campuses. Some of those students are pushing that envelope, arguing that the University of Utah cannot prohibit them from carrying loaded firearms in plain view. The university is pushing back, and for good reason…The U. should stick to its guns. No open carry on campus, with the exception of peace officers and ROTC students in uniform.
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Yet more drivel from the SL Trib. This is getting tedious.

Even more entertaining are the comments after the article. I especially liked the ones from lurpythepirate (which are excellent). But even more instructive are the asinine comments from the antis, such as malach.hamovess, like this one:
it is certainly appropriate to carry a few guns when one goes to college; after all, the only way to settle a dispute over grades, assignments, or other academic issues is by blowing away a professor.
and one certainly needs guns in church; after all, if you want to get god's attention to your prayers, the best way is to take out the assistant pastor and some nice, well-dressed five-year-old girl.
Can you believe the irrational garbage-laden drivel with illogical emotional images that the antis come up with? They couldn't argue their way out of a paper bag.

That's the emotional liberal tripe for you that I've come to expect from those opposed to self-defense. They will see the tragedy at Virginia Tech and totally miss the connection between the 'Gun-Free School Zone' and the sheer magnitude of the tragedy because the only one with a gun was the madman bent on killing as many as possible.
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