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Anti-gun Media Culture

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I found this article online at The Washington Times and thought it was very well written. To view the article, click here. You can also listen to it by clicking on the 'Click-2-Listen' graphic on the web page.
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Just found another article (click here to read), have to disagree with this guy. I can't believe that he would make a statement like this, "Largely rural, conservative whites are protecting a gun-loving lifestyle because they care more about it than they care about the loss of black lives to gun violence in urban areas" to explain why I want to own firearms.

Perhaps I enjoy the security of knowing that I can protect myself and my family, perhaps I enjoy the simplicity and power of these mechanical objects, perhaps I enjoy the beauty and history of my M91/30.

But who knows, maybe underneath it all is just my feeling that I want my toys and could care less if a bunch of gang bangers kill each other - I guess I will leave it up to Mr. Milloy to decipher and broadcast my inner feelings on this matter - he sure seems to think he understands 'us white folk'.

What do you think?
One last article for the night that I thought was very well written, and posted on Fox News of all unlikely places (seems they are very anti-gun recently). Here you are: More Guns, Not Less, Would Prevent Shooting Massacres.
Superb article. All should read it & if you haven't yet read John Lott you should get his book More Guns Less Crime--I need to as well. Great article, great read. Thanks
It's always a good thing when True information about Firearms is put out there.
GeneticsDave said:
... "Largely rural, conservative whites are protecting a gun-loving lifestyle because they care more about it than they care about the loss of black lives ...
This is the arrogance of the statist. It's pretty consistent throughout history.

There is one quote I thought interesting in the article:
"In my honest opinion, I'm not so concerned about the prevalence of guns," said Kenny Barnes, founder of a D.C.-based anti-gun violence campaign called Guns Aside. "Violence isn't the issue; it's a symptom. It's the result of too many dysfunctional households, failing schools, drug and alcohol abuse and a saturation of music that promotes self-destruction."
Hmmmm... I'm suspicious of groups that are "anti-violence" but this quote makes one wonder if this guy actually has part of a brain.

The author, is, however, a complete dolt for thinking that we're the problem, and that for government to fix the inner-city ***** we hicks in Utah have to be disarmed first. [sarcasm] Yep. We're the one thing standing in everybody else's way. If only we were compassionate, government could use its guns to fix everybody's problems. [/sarcasm]

Reason and intelligence have never been the hallmarks of statists of any stripe, so there's nothing to be surprised about.
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