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Any Kahr CW9 or CW45 lovers (or haters) in here?

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I'm considering getting rid of my Glock 26 and picking up both of these pistols for carry. They both point very naturally and are very comfortable. I like the sights and can compensate for the low capacity with extra mags because they are very thin.

So does anyone have experience with these "lower end" Kahrs?
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A friend of mine has a CW9 and loves it. I shot it a few times with no complaints. They are good carry weapons. I like the smaller size of the PMs myself, but the CWs are very affordable.
I have an old E9 and two of my friends have CW9's. They have all been 100% reliable.

I find them to be an incredible piece of engineering.
My better half likes her CW9 & it's been 100% reliable so far.
I'm thinking of getting the Kahr 9 for my wife. Saw it at Gunnies on sale right now.
Well in looking around the comments on many different forums were about 90% good about Kahr's CW line so I decided to go for it. I picked up a new CW45 at Get Some and put it through its "required" 200 round break in. I'll post some pics and a review in the Firearm Reviews section later. Thanks for your comments guys.
Congrats on your purchase! :shades:
The slide on the CW9 rides on polymer and every time I take it to the range, it comes home with little shavings of frame peeling off on the lips that hold the slide in place. SCARY!

I daily carry a Kahr MK9, and have been very happy with it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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