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AO blasting needed

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Alloy Steel: Stainless Steel: Sandblast (all sandblasting should be done using aluminum oxide 120 mesh at 50 to 70 pounds of pressure.)

I need a shotgun and 3-4 four pistols blasted before I kg gunkote them my self, maybe bolt gun too. If anyone could offer the service? opint me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

I will absolutely not do business with barrows. I much prefer supporting our local independents like Ganenson's and Frank at Patriot arms. You must offer a heck of a discount +10% or more for me to take business away from these guys!
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I have a great friend who does soda blasting which is MUCH more effective and MUCH kinder to materials than sandblasting. He can literally hold a Coke can in his hand and strip it of the paint and not damage or scratch the can in any way. Send me a PM and I'll get you his information.
PM sent. Cory Stewart of Stewart Specialty Services. The stuff they can do is amazing. They can strip spray paint off a glass window without even marring the glass. Great, great stuff.
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