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Non lethal self defense weapons
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Tactical flashlight stun guns are one of the best self-defense tools that can add to your collection.
Approximately 80% of human sensory input comes from your eyes and 60% of crimes occur at night when the vision is low.
Tactical flashlight stun guns have a focused light beam that can distort the visuals of an attacker. With 80% of his sensory input distorted, your attacker gets confused and panicked. And that gives you the time to take counteractions.
Couple that effect with the stunning power. Even a test fire of a powerful stun gun in the air can stop your attacker. And if it does not, the shock surely will.
Level up your knowledge of the top 5 Taser flashlights or tactical flashlight stun guns under 40$ and their comparison to narrow down your choice of weapon.
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