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Once this is folded into three columns, the first column on page 2 becomes the actual first page of the pamphlet, right?
I think that you need some kind of title at the top of that column to catch the eye.

Also, the assertion in your first paragraph on p.2 that open carry of a firearm is perfectly legal is subject to conditions, i.e. without a CFP it must be unloaded. I would reword that paragraph to be more factually accurate ... something like this:
In the State of Utah “open carry” (plain view) of
a holstered firearm is perfectly legal with or without a
concealed firearm permit (CFP). With a CFP, it can be
fully loaded. Without a CFP it must be unloaded.
Here's a grammatical correction to a paragraph. I removed "no" and added "a":
And remember that only the Utah State
Legislature can regulate firearms, meaning a
“local [(city or county)] authority or state entity
may not enact or enforce any ordinance,
regulation, or rule pertaining to firearms” (see
U.C.A. 76-10-500). [emphasis added]
I inserted in red the missing piece that I guessed you meant:
The author of this pamphlet is not a lawyer and
the contents herein should not be used as legal
advice. The laws and regulations presented are
current through the 2007 Legislation Session
and are subject to change. It is a firearms owner's responsibility
to stay current with the latest laws, regulations,
and statutes on ownership and use of firearms.
I've run out of time. This is looking good, but still needs a bit of work.
I'll try and look at it tomorrow, but no guarantees.
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