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Armed Robbery

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This is really crazy, my roommate owns a little pizza shop in town, and tonight he was robbed at gun point. A former employee walked in with a bandana covering his face, reached over the counter and opened the register to take all the money. He had another kid with him who had a gun pointed at my roommate. Hearing about things like this on the news are what convinced me to get my CFP, but this really hit home. The kid left with only $115, and since my roommate knew who he was and where he lived the cops arrested him within 30 minutes of the 911 call. He is lucky they were content with leaving with the money. I'm sure my permit won't be here for two more weeks, and now that seems like an eternity.
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GeneticsDave said:
Wow! Your roommate needs his CFP! More importantly, he needs to invest in and train with a good gun - he could have it in his business without a permit.

Tell him to get a gun, practice with it, and carry at his business. He is completely within his right to carry concealed at his place of business!!!
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