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Backup Guns

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As I have read this and other forums I realize that their are a many of you that carry a backup gun. I have always tried to weigh the probability (risk) of meeting up with a deadly threat vs. being prepared. Maybe I've been lucky my whole life but in 48 years, the worst threat I've run into was when I got into playground fist fight in the 6th grade. (Nobody tells me that my girl friend has fleas!)

I am not a statistician but if I understand some of gun stats I've heard I have to ask myself these questions:

1) What do I think is the chance that I will have to actually use my gun to stop a deadly threat?

2) Of that percentage what percentage do I have to actually fire? I've heard that about 90% of the time just producing a gun will scare the BG away.

3) Of that percent what is the percentage that you will have to fire more rounds than are in your magazine. I've read that rarely is more that 3.

4) Also of the percentage in 2) What is the percentage of someone taking your primary gun away and you having enough time to get to your BUG before he uses it against you?

If you take the percent of the percent of the percent you mentally get a pretty small number or risk factor. I probably have a greater chance of being trampled in a stampede of purple Hippos on State Street but like I said before, I am not a statistician. Personally I don't carry a backup gun but as usual others have their own reasons. My thinking is something down the line of if I am in an area that I need more that one gun then I probably shouldn't be in that area. I think that LEO have a totally different needs than CCW citizens and so in my mind have a greater need for a BUG. Also you may work or live in an area that has greater risk than the general public.

What are other's views and reasons for carrying or not carrying a BUG?

BTW - Many of you might be traveling tomorrow and over the weekend. I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and hope that you have a safe year in which you never need to use your gun except for the sheer fun of shooting.
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I agree with you. Life is all about risks and carrying a primary gun addresses almost all the risk. The need for us "normal" (non LEO, non military, non live-in-a-bad-part-of-town) people to carry a BUG is not there.

Thinking about the other risks in life, I don't carry:
- portable scuba equipment in my car, just in case I crash into a river or lake.
- portable heart shocker just in case I or someone else goes into cardiac arrest
- my passport, just in case I need to leave at a moment's notice
- a second spare tire, just in case I break two tires (which my Dad actually did [on the same side on the same rock] clear out in the mountains when I was young -- we walked all day to get back to civilization).
- a few bags of my own blood, just in case I get cut badly and need blood.
- the jaws of life in my back seat, just in case someone gets in a wreck.

I could go on, but I hope you get my point. For me, my primary gun is sufficient to hit most of the odds.

Now, if you want to carry a BUG just because it makes you feel better or just because it's fun, I'm all for it. I'm just saying I don't think the risks alone justify the decision.
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