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swillden said:
TMG said:
I would weigh the risk of not carrying versus the cost of getting a ticket. I wouldn't carry open for all to see, but I would carry.
Odds are that you wouldn't get a ticket even if you got caught. Most likely, your bishop would just say "please don't do that again", and it would end there.

There's another aspect to consider as well, though, and one that applies even outside of Utah. That is the fact that the church leadership has directed members not to bring firearms to church. It's even documented in the bishop's handbook. "Concealed is concealed" doesn't apply to God, and while I'm sure he has no objection to us being armed, it's possible he'd dislike the lack of obedience.

I'm not saying you shouldn't carry, just that you should be sure that you've considered this aspect.

(The rest of this may strike non-LDS people as odd, but recall that we're talking about a church that believes firmly in individual, direct revelation)

To me, it seems like the real answer is that individual members should ask the Lord themselves what he wants them to do. Maybe he wants us to play the role of protector, and maybe he'd prefer we follow the example of the Anti-Nephi-Lehites (Alma 24). I suspect that the answer may well be different for different people -- and it may even change from day to day, per the promptings of the spirit.

FWIW, my personal answer is that I don't generally carry at church. If I happen to forget to take the gun off (hasn't happened but knowing me as I do, it eventually will), I won't sweat it too much, but I won't generally carry. That said, I definitely try to pay attention to the promptings of the spirit, and if I feel prompted to carry, I will.
Good post! Are you 100% positive there is an no guns in LDS church policy in the bishops handbook?

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