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Beltman Belts

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I'm sure everyone here has heard of these belts, and some of you problably own one or more.

I have two of these heading my way in the coming weeks to add to the one I have now. I have been in contact with Jim, the Beltman, and he has been great to work with in asking questions about sizing under different circumstances. Even when asking him about how to resize the belt I have, he provided more information than I could imagine.

Jim is a great guy to work with, and the quality of his belts far surpass anything else I have seen. Even when I took my belt to the local Tandy Leather to see if I could copy it (it would cost me just as much to copy it as it would to buy it), the owner commented on how well it was made.

For those with compact weapons the bullhide belts, without an insert, would be enough support. For those with heavier weapons, or those carried higher, the insert will add support or you can spend a bit more on a horse hide belt.

These are well worth the $70, and will last for MANY years even as I lose weight.
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roseblood said:
I'm sure everyone here has heard of these belts. . .
Nope, I had not . . . thanks for mentioning them. I assume these are the folks: http://www.thebeltman.net/index.htm
That is the place.
Some people complain that the price is a bit high, but I believe they are spot on for a belt that will last you many years. This guy will also resize his belts for a small fee.
Nice lookin belts. :shades:

Spendy, :shock: but NICE lookin belts.

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