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Black Rifle goodies

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Disclaimer said:
I do not sell or profit from the sale of these items, this is an honest user review.
Cleaning that space between the locking lugs and the bore on an AR-15, M16 or PLR-16 has always been a chore. Cotton swabs don't bend the right way, so previously I've used a bent pipe cleaner with a patch hooked on the end, or a bore brush wrapped in a gun cleaning patch.

These chamber stars are neat. They just stick on the end of your cleaning brush and they make short work of cleaning and lubricating that hard to reach spot! Not too bad for 50¢ each, but I think I'll get some 12 gauge felt pads and make my own for 4¢ each when I need more. :wink:

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apollosmith said:
I've tried cutting shotgun cloths, and you just end up with lots of lint and strings that might get left inside your gun.
I'm going to try a few different ways to cut the felt wads. They may or may not work as well. I'll post the results when I do (may be a few months).

As for the lint, that's not a problem to blow out with the compressed air cans they sell at Radio Shack.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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