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A few years ago while I was Stationed at Fort Lewis WA I was driving home from base and had, a run in with an aggressive driver. There where maybe 50 people on Ft Lewis with Credentials permanently issued to carry a concealed weapon for performance of official duties, I was one of them. I couldn't carry my weapon on base take it out of the holster turn it in to the arms room and slide an almost identical "military issued" one in its place. There's stupid then there's ARMY STUPID. I simply carried my 6inch Ti lite and stayed away form the bad part of town (most cops episodes are filmed in that county, #2 meth producing county in the US) I had a rare 9-5 that day and drove home in rush hour to Lacey the next county and nicer area all the way around. The only straight street I found in that part of Washington was College street the one I lived on for about 5 miles there was a guy about a foot off my bumper and I did the wrong thing and played with him. I drove the exact same speed as the car next to me. I went as far as to adjust speed to keep the guy stuck. I was doing 10 over before the guy ticked me off enough to play with him and he was still right on my bumper to the point I could not see headlights on his truck. His jacked up a foot and a half taller than mine, purple on black flame, I have a small ***** and over compensate truck. At the light half a block from my place the guy slams on his breaks stopping short of my truck by a car length I watched him seethe for a split second while I reached in the seat next to me and held up my body armor (concealable cop type) for him to see through my back window. His door opened.

As he started walking towards my truck I grabbed my cold steel gurkha machete and riot baton (every one has those in the back seat right?) wen he got to my window he was unarmed and decided that he didn't want to play. He got in his truck and went around me into the oncoming lane and accelerated to about 90.

I drove home laughing.

I have a few more stories, most of them true I'll post later
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