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What a tragic shame and loss. Years ago the British began outlawing guns after shootings at a school killed many children. It was stated then that eliminating the guns was the only way to end the violence. Millions of private arms, antiques and family heirlooms were either confiscated or brought to the police to be destroyed, all in the effort to eliminate the criminal (gun). Since then thousands have died by club, knife and many other means, including guns! The Scottish already outlawed knives and are having their own problem with the insidiousness of knife killings, beatings and other methodologies used by criminals to accomplish their desires. To decry the knife in this instance is just more of the same old rigmarole and will do nothing to stop the madness.

It is like saying we cant have winners and losers, we must all be equal. To only be bashed down by the other team which refuses to fight by the same rules. It is unfortunate that this young man was murdered in such a fashion. Rather than dishonoring his memory by outlawing a utility item (knife in this instance), the British would be better advised to actually start cracking down on criminals. Arresting and prosecuting those who rob homes with impunity during the day or night,
allowing common citizens to exercise their God-granted right to self defense without prosecution for having stopped someone from "pursuing" their chosen profession (yes, this has happened!), allowing the common man to have the means available to them to be able to eliminate threats when they do occur so that the streets will be safer for the rest of the law abiding public. These would be great starts in the right direction. It is unfortunate that our friends in Britain have stooped to such a low as to eliminate peoples rights to self defense. Had this not been the case this young man would perhaps, still be alive.

I am grateful that we have not stooped to these tactics here in Utah, or the US in general, and I despise the way some states like Illinois & California treat their
citizens. Keep up the good fight and hopefully we can stop this type of insanity from spreading and destroying America as we know it!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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