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Sounds like a blast!! :thumbsup:

Before the shooting starts, everyone should gather and review the safety rules. Nobody should take offense at this. In fact, everybody should appreciate the care taken for safety. Let's have somebody volunteer ahead of time to be the Range Safety Officer. In fact, the person who volunteers to act as Range Safety Officer ought to print up the safety rules onto a poster to use for the Pre-Shoot Safety Briefing:

NRA Gun Safety Rules:
  1. [*]ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
    This is the primary rule of gun safety. A safe direction means that the gun is pointed so that even if it were to go off it would not cause injury or damage. The key to this rule is to control where the muzzle or front end of the barrel is pointed at all times. Common sense dictates the safest direction, depending on different circumstances.

    [/*][*]ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
    When holding a gun, rest your finger on the trigger guard or along the side of the gun. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger.

    [/*][*]ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
    Whenever you pick up a gun, immediately engage the safety device if possible, and, if the gun has a magazine, remove it before opening the action and looking into the chamber(s) which should be clear of ammunition. If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chamber(s), leave the gun alone and get help from someone who does.

    [/*][*]Know your target and what is beyond.
    Be absolutely sure you have identified your target beyond any doubt. Equally important, be aware of the area beyond your target. This means observing your prospective area of fire before you shoot. Never fire in a direction in which there are people or any other potential for mishap. Think first. Shoot second.[/*]
This ought to be a great outing! I only wish I could come (I've got work commitments those days :crying: ).
1 - 2 of 74 Posts
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