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GeneticsDave said:
Cool, I don't have to worry about bringing mine (pounding it into the ground can be a pain). I would say having at least 2 throwers would be a good idea. Also, just curious, but why a Sat-Sun campout? Is it because people work late on Friday? I won't be able to camp out Sat night as we have Church in the morning, so I was just curious. Either way, I am still hoping to make it to the dinner and shoot.
My Dearest
GeneticsDave said:
:lolbang: , How closer to Lord can you be than in the wilderness singing "Welcome, welcome Sabbath morning" together with us misguided souls (gentiles) :crown:


P.S And salute the morn with a few rounds :fudd: .... :crown: D.S

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GeneticsDave said:
You know, it has nothing to do with communing with our Lord in nature - something I agree with, but more to do with my calling. My wife and I have people who rely on us and it wouldn't be fair to them just so I could have a good time out in the brush. I was just curious, I don't want to rock the boat. I will try to be there Saturday at least. :angel:
GeneticsDave, I do understand and was just yanking yur chain. :D


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xmirage2kx said:
Its been kind of quiet on the campout front for a little while now So I am stepping up to spearhead this event and make sure things get done in time for people to make plans. We are looking at June 14th-15th (I will put up some signs for the directionally challenged among us) You can go to Google Maps and enter the following location 40.043189,-112.154489 to get directions or follow the ones bellow.

What to Bring:
WATER (there is no running water or toilets)
Food (Dinner/Breakfast/Lunch)
General camping supplies (this varies by family usually tent, sleeping bags, chairs, cooking supplies, etc)
And of course GUNS, AMMO, TARGETS, and more AMMO
Feel free to also bring ATV’s, Jeeps, Dogs, Games, Family, Friends, etc

There is plenty of firewood that can be gathered, but if you are lazy feel free to bring some. Again there is no water, so bring what you need to do your cooking, cleaning, drinking, etc. Any standard Car can drive these roads and trailers (up to about 50ft) can make it with no problems too. This is about 35miles from the freeway exit so it shouldnt be too hard on peoples gas budget (want people to still be able to afford ammo :wink: ).

Questions? Ideas? etc? feel free to email/PM
[email protected]

Going North (from Provo): Get off I-15 at Exit 279 (Lehi Main Street) and Turn LEFT
Going South (From SLC): Get off I-15 at Exit 279 (Lehi Main Street) and Turn RIGHT
Drive about 1.2 miles to the roundabout
Go STRAIGHT through the Lehi roundabout (500W and Main Street) and
Drive about 19 miles (Just a few hundred feet past Fairfield’s ‘main’ street {1500N})
Turn LEFT onto 18150W (Global One sign on left side of road) and
Drive about 13 miles and the road will Y (a jug handle turn)
Turn RIGHT at the Y and
Follow the Signs (basically stay on the main road until a Y and turn left)
Anyone who wants to head out Friday, the 13th feel free. I will have signs out on the 13th and will be out there already. Official activities will still be on the 14th-15th
http://www.mapquest.com/maps/3539+w+396 ... rfield+ut/

Total Estimated Time: 47 minutes Total Estimated Distance: 39.22 miles

1: Start out going WEST on W 3965 S toward S 3550 W. 0.1 miMap
2: Turn LEFT onto S 3600 W. 0.2 miMap Avoid
3: Turn RIGHT onto W 4100 S. 0.2 miMap Avoid
4: Turn LEFT onto BANGERTER HWY/UT-154 S. 14.6 miMap Avoid
5: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT. 0.1 miMap Avoid
6: Turn RIGHT onto S REDWOOD RD/UT-68. Continue to follow UT-68. 8.1 miMap Avoid
7: Turn RIGHT onto W 8570 N/UT-73. Continue to follow UT-73. 15.6 miMap Avoid
8: Turn LEFT onto 1620 NORTH. 0.1 miMap Avoid
9: 1620 NORTH becomes 18040 WEST. 0.1 miMap Avoid
10: Turn LEFT onto 1600 NORTH. 0.0 miMap Avoid
11: End at Fairfield, UT Map
Estimated Time: 47 minutes Estimated Distance: 39.22 miles

Fairfield, UT


It'll be about 100 mile trip, round trip @ 16.5 miles/Gallon = about 6 G X $ 4.00 = $ 24.00

1 box of 40 (100 rounds winchester 165 gr) @ Wal-mart = $25.99

1 box of .45 see above.

1 box of .44 (100 rounds) $ 30.00 +

Food min $ 20

Outing = $125.00 +

Sorry... Can't make it

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