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Carry in California

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I saw a discussion a few days ago on taking a handgun to California, but now I can't find it (not sure if on UCC or TheHighRoad or where). I have been thinking about it and I am quite confused. California is one of the few states around us that doesn't honor the Utah permit. I know that 10+ mags are illegal there.

But I am confused as to whether I can take a handgun with me to California. The post seemed to say that I could have it in my car as long as the mag wasn't in the gun. Is this correct?

Bottom line of my question is this: I have a 6+1 pocket pistol. I'm driving to California. I have a Utah concealed license. I am a Utah resident. Can I take the gun with me or not? If so, under what conditions (just in the car, carry not concealed, in my hotel room, concealed as normal)?

I have read through the info on handgunlaws.us, and I'm only more confused than before. :) Sorry for the dumb question, but I go to CA enough that I'd like to some clarification. Thanks.
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Well, what Tarzan said is correct to the best of my recollection.
I went to San Diego this past summer and I also researched things and the concensus I got was you can however, in California, any city is allowed to have more strict controls than the state provides. Now to me, and probably to any reasonable thinking human being this is just plain asinine. I chose not to carry and put up with all the hassles. Even knife carry laws varied by extremes.
All the while I was there I only saw one person carrying a pocket clip knife and noticed one individual carrying concealed. You may be different in opinion than me, I found the laws confusing and unfriendly so I chose not to carry while there.
The difficulty is that federal law allows for interstate travel and the ability of the individual to carry their protection with them. It seems though that places like the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia is one of those places which doesn't care about lawful travel laws and places their own restrictions on how you can, or if you can.
Good luck! :?
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Go to usacarry.com they should have appropriate info for you there.

And yes, Southern California was very nice.
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