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I know mental health hospitals are off limits, but at Logan Regional they have posted at the entrance a little sign that says no weapons and a picture of a gun with a red slashed circle. Is this a legal posting? Is a hospital a secure area? They do have an armed security guard walking around.

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Rotten Newbie,

Carry in a hospital is perfectly legal. I've done so myself. Unless the facility is a mental hospital you are well within your rights to carry there. The sign you saw is illegal & useless. :p

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Here is a pertinent section of Utah Code Annotated:

U.C.A. 76-8-311.1. Secure areas -- Items prohibited -- Penalty.
(1) In addition to the definitions in Section 76-10-501, as used in this section:
(a) "Correctional facility" has the same meaning as defined in Section 76-8-311.3.
(b) "Explosive" has the same meaning as defined for "explosive, chemical, or incendiary device" defined in Section 76-10-306.
(c) "Law enforcement facility" means a facility which is owned, leased, or operated by a law enforcement agency.
(d) "Mental health facility" has the same meaning as defined in Section 62A-15-602.
(e) (i) "Secure area" means any area into which certain persons are restricted from transporting any firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive.
(ii) A "secure area" may not include any area normally accessible to the public.
(2) (a) A person in charge of a correctional, law enforcement, or mental health facility may establish secure areas within the facility and may prohibit or control by rule any firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive.
(b) Subsections (2)(a), (3), (4), (5), and (6) apply to higher education secure area hearing rooms referred to in Subsections 53B-3-103(2)(a)(ii) and (b).
(3) At least one notice shall be prominently displayed at each entrance to an area in which a firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive is restricted.
(4) (a) Provisions shall be made to provide a secure weapons storage area so that persons entering the secure area may store their weapons prior to entering the secure area.
(b) The entity operating the facility shall be responsible for weapons while they are stored in the storage area.

(5) It is a defense to any prosecution under this section that the accused, in committing the act made criminal by this section, acted in conformity with the facility's rule or policy established pursuant to this section.
(6) (a) Any person who knowingly or intentionally transports into a secure area of a facility any firearm, ammunition, or dangerous weapon is guilty of a third degree felony.
(b) Any person violates Section 76-10-306 who knowingly or intentionally transports, possesses, distributes, or sells any explosive in a secure area of a facility.
(emphasis added)

So a question ... Is Logan Regional Hospital a correctional, law enforcement or mental health facility? I used to work there years ago, so I know that it's a hospital and has a mental health unit, so the answer is that the hospital may establish the mental health facility as a secure area. Another question ... Does the public have access past the sign that you saw? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Does the hospital provide a secure weapons storage area where you can safely store your weapon upon entering the facility? I doubt it.

I'm not a lawyer, but draw your own conclusions.

BTW, if I were you, I'd certainly keep any concealed weapon properly concealed if I were to enter the facility ... especially if I worked there. Wouldn't want to lose my job.

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I think those little "no gun" signs are pretty much standard fare in IHC facilities.

I don't like them more for the fact that it gives the general public the false impressions about the law.
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