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Carry Option

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Here is a shoulder rig for a small gun. It is designed for strong side carry instead of cross draw.

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You have some MAD skills my friend. One of these days I'm going to get a shoulder rig.
James said:
Here is a shoulder rig for a small gun. It is designed for strong side carry instead of cross draw.

Interesting! How low does it hang for strong side? It seems to me that it would be difficult to draw if it was too high.
The end of the barrel is about 1.5 inches above the waist band.

It ties down to the waist band via a button sewn on the waist band.

Suspender clips could have been used, but this is pretty simple.
thanks for clarifying. It looks interesting and comfortable. Nice work too.
I like your work James! Everything you've posted has caught my eye. This isn't the sort of thing that would go with my current wardrobe, but it's still really kewl!
Looking good, I think you missed your calling.
The gun in the picture is a Beretta Tomcat. With all three clips loaded, and one in the barrel, the whole rig only weighs 1 pound and 13 ounces. That is 31 rounds of 32 Auto. I can't imagine ever needing that much ammo, but the two spare clips help to balance the load. For many people I suspect that getting something small enough and light enough to be comfortably carried, plus concealable, is hard to do.

This rig is for my wife, and believe it or not, she has started to carry with it. Woo Hoo!

We were having hard time coming up with a carry option that suited her. Hopefully this is the answer.
How much did it cost to make the rig?
Thomas said:
How much did it cost to make the rig?
$6 for the nylon strapping. Aside form that, I already had the leather and other supplies on hand.
I can only guess that if you were to go shoppong for the leather, it would take about $15.

Leather prices have went up like everything else, and for 8-9 oz tooling sides you can expect to pay $9-10 a square foot. A whole side is about 22 square feet, so close to $200 for a whole side. If you have the store cut you off a piece, the price per foot will go up.

Sometimes you may find remnants that will make small projects for less money. I found what was most of a full side at the DI here a while back, for $6. Now that was a real bargain. That will never happen again.
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