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It is hard to guess who may be looking at these forums. For sure whatever you post is available to any one in the world who can access the internet.

I also realize it isn't very hard to find out lots of information about the participants in the forum. That is additional information besides what each one posts himself.

So, should I be concerned? Is anything I post going to came back and haunt me? I doubt it, as long as posts are of good taste and not filled with malice.

Frankly I don't care if the world knows me or that I carry a gun. I even went so far as to post my face on the forum, along with some others, with their permission. I don't think that being known poses any threat to me. If anything it just increases my circle of friends.

If there is to be a forum it requires talk. Since this is a CC forum it follows that the talk is going to include our guns. Thanks to those who are willing to share of their experiences and knowlege.

Well, that is my take on it, and you must decide what is good for you.
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