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CC'ing or OC'ing in National Forest

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I am pretty sure I have read that no firearms are allowing in National Forests. One in particular I would like to know is up Mirror Lake Hwy. I went camping there this year and still brought my gun. Though it stayed in the truck until night time. I put it on my persons at night and had it by me during bed time to protect my family. I know you can legally have it in your tent because it is your temporary housing. But the main question is can I have it on me outside of my tent during the day. We did see bears during camping an would like to have self protection. Though I wouldn't use it unless the bear started after me.

Thanks in advance.

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Pack a slug-loaded pistol-grip 12ga on a 2 point sling all the time if you want.. You're confusing National Forests with National Parks. National Parks are a big no-no.. for now.

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