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All secured areas must have metal detectors but not all areas that have metal detectors are secured areas.
To explain:
There are only 5 areas in this state that are allowed to by the legislature to be called "secured areas” These areas only become secured under the law when they comply with their portion of the statute, whereby they establish an area, that has a means of detection, postings and secured storage, (with the only exception to storage being airports)

Just because a place puts up a metal detector doesn't mean that they have a secured area under Utah Law and as such you are not violating the secured area statue.

Case in Point, The courthouses are allowed to call them selves secured areas IF they meet all 3 of the requirements. They lack the secured storage portion and as such do not have a secured area.

With that being said the judges even realize that and now by Judicial fiat / court order no guns are allowed. But if you violate their court order by trying to carry a firearm into the court you will be charged with, basically contempt of court.

I could go on and on about the courts and how they are, without a doubt, in violation of the law that only allows the legislature to set the areas and condition whereby firearms may be restricted. The very people we should look to as examples of obeying the law seem to be the first ones to violate it.

Do not think we have even come close to giving up on this matter. This will be dealt with and the judges will learn that they do not make nor can they break laws they do not agree with.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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