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Yes, judges are violating Utah State Law by refusing to offer a secure locked area for weapons to be retained while visiting the courts. Third District Court is a good example of the violation of the law. It is a loophole in the law because the law states that judges may arbitrarily create rules for the facility they are in--it is asinine, I know, yet it needs to be addressed and changed!
Also, whenever you go into a Post Office, the posted "law" is incompletely posted. The whole section concerning other lawful purposes is deliberately left out of that posting. Carry in a Post Office is legal. CCW carriers are allowed to do so. You can also walk into a Post Office & mail a gun as long as it is declared, but you can't mail ammunition-if I remember correctly.
Of course, thouogh, the best thing to remember is, the Right of the People to keep and bear arms Shal Not Be Infringed! These are abhorent offenses against the Constitution & ought to be fought on all sides! At all times! And with youthful vigor! This is why I admire & respect Mark for all of his efforts to fight these bigotted & anti-constitutional restrictions & laws.
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