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This is the exact stuff we have been putting up with in Illinois as long as I can remember. Daley's father (Sr) did this when he ruled our state and his son has carried on with the tradition. I am 66 years old and have not lived at a time when we did not have a "Daley" running this state. I cannot tell you how frustrating and angering Chicago can make you. These Chicago aldermen are allowed to conceal carry by being special friends of the mayor but others in the city have to protect themselves with "nail files and pointed combs".

I am lucky in one way as I live in the southern part of the state but Daley still rules us in lesser ways such as keeping the politicians in his hip pocket and not allowing CC plus they are continually trying to pass further anti gun laws. I hope your state and all the others that have CC are able to keep what you have. Never never give em any slack!!!
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