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Choosing my first SD carry weapon

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So I have a question--I'm trying to decide what my first SD carry weapon should be--

I've narrowed it down to a few that I like and that are in my price range. Today I went to the range and rented those guns and a few others to get a feel for the gun.

My question is this--should I be more concerned with how accurate I shot the gun or how well I controlled the weapon.

I shot one of the guns considerably more accurately than the others, but that gun wasn't the one that felt the most comfortable in my hand.

I'm still really new to shooting in general--I got a .22 pistol a couple months ago (my first gun) to get used to shooting and learn some of the basics and feel like I'm ready to move up to a SD caliber. If it helps the guns I'm trying to choose between are Springfield XD9, XD Compact, Glock 19, and Glock 26. I'm not trying to start a "which gun is better" thread--just trying to interpret my range results. (If you really want you can suggest another gun, but I've been looking around for a long time and these seem to be the ones that fit what I'm looking for.

Anyways, any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Excellent Question.

CARRY THE COOLEST ONE! Who care how it shoots or how comfortable it looks!!!

Seriously now. I would say pick the one you are most accurate with. You will get comfortable with it. I think accuracy trumps comfort in this game.

I am kind of confused though. I would have expected that the gun you are most accurate with is the one that you would be the most comfortable with. Tell us more about the guns and the one you were accurate with and the one that was most comfortable and WHY you think the difference was there.
I shot the XD Compact a lot more accurately than any of the other guns (not sure exactly why it was so different, but I shot at the same 2 distances with all the guns)--but the way the grip felt in my hand and the recoil just didn't feel as good as some of the others. I like the larger grip of the XD9 and the Glock 19.

I also shot the Glock 17 better but I would rather have a smaller gun to conceal. Hope that helps give you a better understanding.
I would say go with the gun you feel most comfortable with and then shoot it more to work on the accuracy.
What didn't feel comfortable about the XD? The short grip? You can use a Pearce Grip extension or the larger mags until you feel better about a smaller grip. If it's recoil, then yes, you should go to a different gun or a smaller caliber. I'm still not sure exactly what the problem is, more details would be useful, but a smaller grip is definitely going to be less comfortable - the point is to reduce gun size, so there are some drawbacks, but they can be overcome with practice and modifications.

Please post more information and I will try again to help.
I put off purchasing an auto loading handgun for a few years because I was not accurate or comfortable with the ones I had shot. My friend then brought me a XD45 Service to try. I had never shot the 45acp before in my life but I was deadly accurate with it despite it being a bigger caliber. I bought one with in two weeks and it is my primary carry firearm. About six months later I shot a XD45 Compact and shot it more accurately with the Compact 10 round grip than the extended 13 round mag.

As for you, are you willing to practice with the XD9 SC and improve your skills with it as it is accurate for you or would the discomfort discourage you from practicing. Would you take the time, with a more comfortable but currently less accurate for you, handgun and practice more to improve your accuracy?

http://www.XDTalk.com is a great source for XD information. Good Luck in your search and do not get discouraged, you are doing a good job by shooting firearms before you buy one so you have an idea of what to look for and ask about.
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Get the one that you shoot the best. You can always get used to it in time. To me I want a gun that ges bang everytime I pull the trigger, one that I'm accurate with, and one that doesn't need a lot of maintance. Comfort is nice and all, but accuracy is what helps to win gun fights.
Thanks for the replies. It seems like it boils down to this: Is it easier to improve accuracy or is it easier to get comfortable holding and firing the gun.

I'm willing to practice--I'm not sure how much is a lot--I've shot about 1500 rounds since the beginning of February. I've been trying to go for about an hour a week.

Anyways, from the responses it seems as though most people would rather shoot more accurately than have a gun fit their hand well. I'm not sure exactly what it was about the XD SC that I didn't like--it just didn't feel as comfortable in my hand both handling it and firing it--maybe just the shape of my hand which isn't going to change. The one I shot had the extended mag so I had a place for my pinky (otherwise I wouldn't have liked it at all). I don't know if there's any more details that would make it more clear. Just that the 5 guns I shot each felt differently in my hand--some better some worse--and the one gun I shot much more accurately than the others was one of the guns that didn't feel great in my hand (the XD SC).

I'm not sure what I'm going to get, but I finally have the approval from my wife so I'm ready to get something!! :D Thanks for the help.
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I like my XD .45 ACP Compact, but I can see how some think the recoil is a bit too much. For me, there is not much difference between shooting a 9mm versus shooting a .22LR. I would go with what you shoot best with and what feels the best in your hand. I have had to get used to the short grip of the XD, but I think when I get the Pearce grips, that problem should be mitigated without compromising concealability.
Anyways, from the responses it seems as though most people would rather shoot more accurately than have a gun fit their hand well.
I won't join that gang. I am sorry, it has to feel good in my hand and point good or I don't want it.

Try this: with your gun in hand but pointed down, look at the target, shut your eyes then point at your target, then open your eyes. Are you on target? If so the gun fits good and points good.

You are on the right track, keep shooting and trying guns until you find what works for you.
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