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I put off purchasing an auto loading handgun for a few years because I was not accurate or comfortable with the ones I had shot. My friend then brought me a XD45 Service to try. I had never shot the 45acp before in my life but I was deadly accurate with it despite it being a bigger caliber. I bought one with in two weeks and it is my primary carry firearm. About six months later I shot a XD45 Compact and shot it more accurately with the Compact 10 round grip than the extended 13 round mag.

As for you, are you willing to practice with the XD9 SC and improve your skills with it as it is accurate for you or would the discomfort discourage you from practicing. Would you take the time, with a more comfortable but currently less accurate for you, handgun and practice more to improve your accuracy?

http://www.XDTalk.com is a great source for XD information. Good Luck in your search and do not get discouraged, you are doing a good job by shooting firearms before you buy one so you have an idea of what to look for and ask about.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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