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My LDS Ward wants to plan a Clay Pigeon shoot. I was asked if I could find out where we might be able to go and what the expense may be. If there are any members who do this regularly could you point me to the right place/places? This Ward is located in the heart of Salt Lake/Murray on 4500 South & 11the East (Approximate address), so we would be looking for the best and easiest to get to from there.
They may need to rent some shotguns for the event too, which I am not sure as to whether any place does this.
I know there are several ranges around which may do this, but is there anywhere besides Lee Kay? My experiences there recently haven't been great and I would want this to be a good event as we have a bit of interest in my Ward, and I would like the experience to be a pleasant positive one for all involved.
Thanks in advance for your insight! :D
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