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Church shooting in CO

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Regarding the shooting in Colorado, I've read reports that that lady who stopped the shooter was a security guard, was just an unoffiical security detail, or was just a member who was CCW. Most news articles say she was a security guard.

My question is, why doesn't she come out and correct the news articles? If I was involved in a shooting (especially as a hero like her) and I was being labeled as a security guard, I would want to correct things and make a statement. Why have we heard nothing directly from her? Is she worried about making statements because she may be involved in court proceedings?
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In truth, your questions could only be answered by the lady herself.

Some news accounts indicate that she was a church member with a CCW who was asked to volunteer as security for that particular service. And a good thing, too!
The church is concerned with liability. Hers and theirs.

I saw a new conference with the preacher and the lady. He made it very clear that she was authorized by the church to carry at the meeting.

She was a volunteer “guard” authorized to carry a gun… AKA she is a normal person who received the OK to carry at her church. I will post a link when I find it again.
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