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Clarification on application question

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:? I have a question about the questions on the application. Particularily question No.3 which asks Have you ever been convicted of an offense involving alcohol (i.e. DUI DWI ETC) if you answer yes to this question does it mean you will automatically be turned down. At the top they say if you answer yes to any of these questions please supply documents; what exactly are they asking for here? All help appreciated
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Hmm. I don't know how likely it is a cause for denial. Others might know the answer to that better than I would, but I should think that the circumstances revealed by the documentation and investigation would weigh into that decision.

Of course, don't try to hide anything -- note the warning on the application.
Others may have better and more specific advise.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.
It depends on how long it has been and what type of conviction. For a DUI, as long as it has been 7 years since everything has been completed from the conviction, you should be good to go provided you don't have any other disqualifiers. By everything completed I mean probation, fines, classes, etc associated with the conviction.
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