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class a Cabelas

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I called Cabelas to see if they had a CCW class there. They had one taught by a company called FBMG. Anyone heard of them?
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Wow, their store looks great. I might have to go check them out thanks.
apollosmith said:
I took my CFP course at Cabelas from Larry at FBMG. The class was EXCELLENT and Larry was a very good instructor - informative, entertaining, but not a nut job like some of the gun store owner/CFP instructors that are out there. No offense to anyone here that's a nutjob/gun store owner/CFP instructor. :lolbang:

On a side note, if you want to read a very entertaining, gun-filled, monster/werewolf book, Larry has a book called Monster Hunter Nation.
Thanks. I think I'll get signed up.
NotSoSimple said:
Where did you see the info/registration for the class?

Also anyone have address for their store? Sorry for the hijack.
I just called Cabelas on the off chance they had classes there and they did.
GeneticsDave said:
We are in our new building! The new store is a mile south of the old location directly south of the Ardell Brown RV center. Just head south past the old store and turn left when you pass Ardell Brown.
48 E. 13200 S.
Draper, UT 84020
Our hours are Monday-Saturday, 1000-1900.
The new location will house the 22 lane range(12 for continuious rental, 10 for classes as needed), a full line Gun Smithy with Smith's from Vector Arms and DOE building our custom AR's and preforming Saiga conversions!
Thanks for the address. I'll check them out tomorrow and let you guys know my impression of the place.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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