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About 4 years ago I representing (US-DIN) the NRA Lobbyist and Go-Utah’s chairman met with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints’ leaders in the church office building downtown. It was then and there we hammered a bill that resulted in what we have in law under 76-10-530.
After the Gov signed it and for almost 2 years the church quietly kept that in reserve and showed no intention to Ever post or notify per the statue requirements thus invoking the ban in their meetinghouses.

In fact it was not until Dan Harrie, reporter for the Tribune called me and asked why hasn’t the Church notified or posted on BCI’s website?. He said after all, weren’t they instrumental in drafting the current law? I said I don’t know why they haven’t but I postulated that perhaps they realized that by doing so would only be a figurative ban since there were no detectors in place. That just wasn’t good enough for him. He kept pushing this for weeks until the member sheep flooded the church with phone calls saying “you must protect us” The church, in my opinion said “fine, you want it, you got it” for all the good it’ll do you.”

On a very relevant side note, and something very few people know about, at the current time, guns are NOT banned, by law, in LDS meeting houses at this time. Doubt that?, read the statute yourself. Lets see who on this list can be first to find out why I would say such a thing.
W. Clark Aposhian
1 - 4 of 54 Posts
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