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Today on Glenn Becks national radio show, he interviewed Ted Nugent. I don't really want to get into a debate on the merits of either man, but I wanted to share an excerpt from the beginning of the interview. As a little back story, there was some crazed guy in New York City that stole some knives from a deli or something and started stabbing people in the street. He stabbed this lady multiple times to the chest and face until an off duty cop saw it and shot him down. No one helped until the cop got there because in NYC, there are only 200 valid CFP in the city of 18 million people and he had a knife and everyone else had nothing. Glenn is for more guns and people carrying them and had Ted on the show to talk about it and other things.

GLENN: Ted Nugent is on phone with us. Ted.

NUGENT: Hey, happy October to you, Glenn.

GLENN: They tell me you like guns.

NUGENT: I'm fondling guns as we speak. I'm calling you from a beautiful Texas campfire at a hunting camp here in Albany, Texas, campfires, cops, heroes, military, plumbers, welders and teachers and ranchers and guitar players and we all carry guns and we can't imagine how a human being of consciousness, a human being of goodwill and decency and certainly independence and knowledge and an understanding of good over evil would ever go forth in this world in a known and intentional unarmed helplessness. In the scenario you just talked about, Glenn, horrifically, this unfolds on an hourly basis around the world and certainly right here in the United States of America. And for people to dismiss the horror and tragedy with which you are conveying on this radio show and then still shake their heads, purse their lips and walk out of their houses knowingly unarmed and helpless, it boggles my mind. I can't imagine such a wimpy, helpless accepted condition, and I would like people to man up, to freedom up, to good over evil up and people should do what we've done around the country, get their concealed weapons permit, train, get a modicum of tactical understanding of weapon retention, weapon utility and stop evil and not wait for the multiple stab wounds. Stop the person now. And Glenn, in every instance, like this cop, this off-duty cop who stopped evil and deadliness, we the people can do that. We're not stupid. I know who the bad guy is and I'm just a guitar player.

Wow, that pretty much sums it up for me. Intentional unarmed helplessness. I couldn't have put it better myself.

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Seems like I heard something on the radio a few weeks ago about Ted getting in trouble at a concert by waving around a machine gun and making derogatory comments about Hillary Clinton...

I found it (fair warning, it does contain some choice words)

Anyone know what came of this?

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