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Concealed course in SL Valley

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I am signing up for a concealed course this week (getting a BIG bonus from work). Since I am good friends with Dave and Mike Larsen, I will probably sign up with Doug's Shoot-n-Sports.

Anyone think I should try a different place than that? Doesn't Clark teach those courses? I will also likely buy a .45 ACP in the coming weeks. Will take the course with my Ruger P89.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Leave town for a few days and all heck breaks loose....

My take on the issue--

There are few enough folks reading this site as it is. Do we really need to go after each other? Is this type of back and forth conducive to inviting more posters?

As far as I'm concerned, hats off to anybody educating folks responsibly about guns. Personal opinions, for whatever reason, about your teachers will always be there--just like middle school.

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